These companion pages have been set up to allow easier navigation to the Tips and Techniques videos/posts available to Patreon Members who have access to the entire back catalogue alongside the current monthly content.  They have been split into the 6 smaller categories as above. 
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How To Download Patreon Reference Photos
Some members have asked me this question so I thought I should put a little video together for you.
Do you add a date to your painting?
Let me explain my thoughts behind this and the reasons why I don’t date paintings.  What do you do? (Can you spot the deliberate mistake in the thumbnail?!!)
Watercolour Q&A
12 minutes of video content answering the watercolour questions put to me by my followers on Facebook.
Signing your work
Once I sign a painting it is finished, no more fiddling with it afterwards.  However, there are other reasons for signing my work, I share them in this little video. 
Behind the scenes!
Would you like to see how things work in my little painting area and the setup for the films I produce? You will be surprised at how basic it is! 🙂     Affiliate link below:
My Photo/Video Camera
Behind the scenes
A behind the scenes sneak peak at how I film my videos.
Affiliate link below:
My Photo/Video Camera
Taking good photos to work from
Here are my 12 top tips on how to photograph your pet.
Affiliate link below:
My Photo/Video Camera

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