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Watercolour Ideas – Adding a Wrist Support To a Paper Stretcher Board
When you have those lovely paper stretcher boards which are great to use, there is always that bit where you just can’t get your hand in a comfortable position. This is due to the different levels from your main table/art board to the height of a stretched canvas.
Easy Watercolour Techniques – Save Those Plastic Covers!
I always say to my students ‘save those plastic brush covers’, let me show you my reasons why.
Do you save your brush covers?
The paints I use
These are Winsor & Newton Artist quality half pan paints with a few Winsor & Newton Cotmans thrown into the mix.  Affiliate links below.
Winsor & Newton Professional 18 Watercolour Pans 
Winsor & Newton Student Cotman 12 pans  
Masking fluid tools
This video gives an insight into the  tools I personally use for applying masking fluid.  The list of suitable tools is endless, like me, you will have your own collection of tools that suit your style and requirements.
Paint savers
These little plastic paint savers are ideal for saving your tubed paint!  They cost around £1 or approx $1.30 depending on where you find them, but they are really good for ensuring you use as much of the paint in the tube as you can.   (They are also good for toothpaste!)
The paints I use
A short video on the paints I use.  Affiliate links below.

Winsor & Newton Professional 18 Watercolour Pans 
Winsor & Newton Student Cotman 12 pans
The brushes I use
These are my most favourite brushes.  They are widely available from different stockists.  Affiliate links below:
Winsor & Newton 00 Brush
Winsor & Newton Size 5 Brush
Using a split end brush
Now let’s not split hairs about this one, OK we have to split the hairs but with this video you will see the benefits.

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