Get Ready

These companion pages have been set up to allow easier navigation to the Tips and Techniques videos/posts available to Patreon Members who have access to the entire back catalogue alongside the current monthly content.  They have been split into the 6 smaller categories as above. 
This page is to help you GET READY – click on any image below to view more.

Protecting your paper
How to avoid natural oils from your hands transferring to your paper.  The oils act like a wax resist rendering areas of your paper unable to adhere to the paint.
Holding your brush
I explain my way of holding a brush and why I think this aspect of my painting technique is important.
Freehand drawing
A 12 minute video on the freehand drawing method of transferring your image to the paper – whilst this takes a bit of time, do keep practising this technique it will keep your skills sharp.
The grid system
The grid system really works and all it takes is a little preparation. Keep all of your lines very light using a 2H lead and lightly graze the paper with the pencil.
Feel free to use the printable PDFs to create your own acetate grids. 
Transfer paper
This is by far the quickest method to get your image onto the paper.  It produces accurate results and allows you to get on with the actual painting really quickly.
Affiliate link to the transfer paper I use:  Transfer Paper

Time to relax
I very often relax a little before starting on a painting, give it a try and let me know if it works for you.

Mix and test your colours
This is one of those techniques which with a little help you can soon get the hang of. So allow me to show you my way and see if it helps you.  Affiliate links below. 
Winsor & Newton Professional 18 Watercolour Pans 
Winsor & Newton Student Cotman 12 pans
Start your painting with a smile!
How do you feel when you are about to start painting?  What mood are you in?  Do you feel like picking up that brush?  It may not be serious but to me a smile works a treat and puts me right where I need to be for painting!

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