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Hi Resolution Reference Photos

This companion page has been set up to allow easier navigation to the Hi Res Reference Photos available to $20 Patreon members.  Simply click on the photo you are interested in.

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Bullfinch Bullfinch Chaffinch Chaffinch Sparrow
Nuthatch Pheasant Puffin
Birds of Prey        
Golden Eagle Red Kite Harris Hawk    
Hobby Sparrowhawk Peregrine Falcon    
Barn Owl Barn Owl Tawny Owl Bengal Owl Barn Owl
British Mammals        
Fallow Deer Fallow Deer Fallow  Deer Fallow Deer  
Farm Animals        
Cockerel Cow Highland Cow Piggies Sheep
Dragonfly Meadow Brown Dragonfly    
Whippet Golden Labrador Bedlington Terrier  
Rabbit Parrot      
Zoo Animals        
Tiger Lion Lynx    
Emu Ostrich Peacock    
Otter Otter Sika Deer Lemur  
Llama Marmoset Meerkat Mongoose Capybara