Harvest Mouse Video DVD


How to paint a Harvest Mouse – 2 hours 53 minutes of professional watercolour tuition.
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Learn to Paint in Watercolour
Harvest MouseĀ Step by StepĀ 

How to paint a Harvest Mouse – 2 hours 53 minutes of professional watercolour tuition.
By Paul Hopkinson, The Devon Artist.

Paul has been painting for over 30 years and has developed his own very unique way of using watercolour. He now works as a full time artist from his home in North Devon and through this project is combining his love of painting with the enjoyment he gets from seeing others achieve through following his tutorials. Paul’s paintings of animals and birds have a life about them which many comment upon and many aspire to. This DVD has been filmed in real time, some sections have been condensed for ease of watching but many have been left completely as they are. Paul talks through the processes he uses throughout the tutorial; he explains things in a very easy to follow way and uses text and transitions to enhance the overall feel and usability of the DVD.

The tutorial has been split into manageable steps on the DVD, so for a viewer it will be easy to find and play/replay a specific section. Paul has also included some informative short films on the materials he prefers to use. These will be invaluable for a beginner and equally as interesting for a more experienced painter who may be looking for new ideas, or tips and tricks. Whilst this DVD features a harvest mouse, the methods and techniques, once learnt, will help with the painting of any animal with fur.
This DVD is in PAL format for Europe, Australia areas (DVD players), however it will play on all computers no matter where you are.

Thank you and Happy Painting!