Barn Owl


Learn to paint this lovely Barn Owl using washes, layers, stippling, dry brush, wet in wet and especially fine detail by trying out this excellent watercolour painting tutorial!


Barn Owl in Watercolour Lesson

Learn to paint PDF instant download in watercolour. This lovely Barn Owl bird of prey is an subject to get your brushes into . This tutorial is 25 pages long containing my step by step lessons and additional pages of every reference photo use for this lesson, so a nice lesson to get stuck into.

Learn to paint by trying out this excellent watercolour painting tutorial, which is a PDF download of the lovely Barn Owl and is downloadable for just £2.50 (approx. $3.30 at the time of writing)!!

Through the research I’ve done I have found that converting my painting tutorials for online downloads is something customers need and are asking for.

Thank you for looking!