Learn to paint this Nuthatch; you will be guided through the following techniques – working with bright colours, working on directional strokes, adding graduated washes, using a foundation colour and working with black and white paint.  All this alongside a range of other watercolour techniques.



This is an instant PDF download, you could start painting this Nuthatch in a matter of minutes, you don’t even need to wait for the post to arrive! You will receive a 29 page PDF document which is set out in the same way as the tutorials I write for magazines, but you get lots more whole page width photos of the different stages. 


Go on, give it a go, this Nuthatch is a lovely challenge with that classic pose!





Downloadable lessons enable you to work at your own speed, you can dip in and out of the content, you can spend time studying the fine details and practise the various techniques as often as you like.   

Have fun with this lesson, take your time and let me know how you get on. Try printing off the last few pages which have the larger versions of the step by step photos for additional help.

Should you prefer to get this tutorial AND watch me paint AND listen to real time instruction (from start to finish of the project) please consider signing up to my Patreon Channel and try a video lesson instead.  
You will get this whole project, access to the back catalogue PLUS lots of exclusive extras!  All this from just $10!!  
To welcome you on board I will send you a personal message, just let me know you came from here and I’ll sort out your access to the Nuthatch PDF so you’ve got that too.  🙂

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