A Realistic owl in watercolour – learn how to paint one!

Learn to paint a realistic owl in watercolour in easy to follow stages.  This blog is a bit different to the norm, something I thought I would try out.  In other words I’m winging it!!  When you have taken a look do leave me a comment below.  I will be interested to see what you think and consequently I may put up more posts like this.

Tawny Owl painted realistically in watercolour by Paul Hopkinson

Tawny Owls are essentially a brown bird but in this painting you will be working with red, blue, yellow and green!  (Anyone would think we were painting a parrot!) The video is filmed in real time and I show you every stage of the painting.  I guide you step by step as I paint the project myself.  Painting a wildlife subject so that it looks realistic is about building layers, depth and shape.  It is also about mixing and working with the right colours. So you will learn how to do this and much more besides!
Take a look at the video it will give you an idea of how the painting builds up and starts to come to life.  In addition it will give you a flavour of my teaching style, at least I hope it does!  Do remember that the full video is nearly 4 hours long so has much more detail and guidance.

Should you have enjoyed watching this video, do leave me a comment as I would really like to know what you think.  If you want to see more videos – check out this page!

The full Tawny Owl tutorial is on my Patreon channel and I look forward to perhaps working with you there.  It would be great to see you create your own realistic owl in watercolour!

As always, remember to keep them brushes wet!

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