Paul Hopkinson I started drawing when I was knee high to a grasshopper but didn’t pick up my first brush until the age of twelve. This was when I first started to paint in oils with my Uncle, Peter Hopkinson who is a fantastic Artist. We ventured into the Derbyshire countryside with canvases and easels.

PaulHopkinsonPhotoApart from painting with my Uncle I have had no form of training, everything you see is through years of practice and the love I put into all my paintings.

For many years I have painted commissions for many customers where the paintings varied from portraits to landscapes and animals, completed in watercolour, oils, acrylics and graphite.

I now paint as a full time artist and even though it can be difficult sometimes I love every minute of it, even though the time always seem to go so quickly when I paint.

I have a lovely son who was 17 years old on 24th February 2016, an ever growing teenager who has a good intelligence with the wit and cheek to go with it!NutMegPaintersOnline

I now live with my partner Jo in North Devon, UK. We spend most of our weekends birdwatching around the Devon countryside visiting various nature reserves, taking photos which I later use to paint from.

When I am asked what would be my preferred subjects I would say without a doubt birds and animals! I love trying to get the life within the eyes in hope to bring the painting to some form of realism. Please sign my Guest Book to say you have been here, plus you can email me or send a message using my Contact Form.

Regards Paul

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Winnie in watercolour

Winnie in watercolour

Tilly in watercolour

Tilly in watercolour