These companion pages have been set up to allow easier navigation to the Tips and Techniques videos/posts available to Patreon Members who have access to the entire back catalogue alongside the current monthly content.  They have been split into the 6 smaller categories as above. 
This page is for  PAINT EFFECTS – click on any image below to view more.

Applying a graduated wash
This is a starter video to give everyone beginning with this exciting medium, the tips and techniques needed to progress to larger projects.  For the more experienced artist, this may enable you to learn a different way of applying washes.
Variegated washes
In this video I will show you one of my most used washed the variegated wash! 
(There’s another deliberate error in this thumbnail – no prizes for spotting it!)
Using tissue paper
In this video I will show you one of my techniques for creating  texture using tissue on wet paint.   This can be a fun and effective way to apply background washes, can be used for skies and as part of other layering techniques. 
Splattering is a very useful technique, I use this method for a variety of effects.  Great for creating, amongst other things, texture, rocks, paths and branches.
Using salt
It would be wise to practice this on some scrap paper, but once mastered, the effect would give an interesting twist to your background washes.
Cling film
This simple technique can create some amazing effects.  If all you want to do is have a quick play with your paints, give this a try with some bright, strong colours!  Your finished pieces would make great modern art cards for friends.
Graded wash
A simple wash can be the foundation to a painting, the basic building block to support the layers of details we will add later.  Here is a basic graded wash to get you started.

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