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FREE content – for non Patreon members
Patreon is a subscription based channel, levels range from $5 to $30 per month.  The available content is determined by the level at which you subscribe.  To give you a flavour of the quality of the content, I’ve made some posts available to non members.  Should you decide to become a full member of my Patreon community click here.  You will receive instant access to the entire back catalogue as well as the current monthly content.

Real Time Video Tutorials, these always include a Reference Photo and Drawing Guide
Robin Drawing + Photo Robin – First Part Robin – Part 2 Robin – Part 3
Robin – Final Part Labrador – Part 3 Wren – Part 2 Otter – Part 3
Tips and Techniques  
Signing your work
Once I sign a painting it is finished, no more fiddling with it afterwards.  However, there are other reasons for signing my work, I share them in this little video. 
Watercolour Q&A
12 minutes of video content answering the watercolour questions put to me by my followers on Facebook.
The paints I use
These are Winsor & Newton Artist quality half pan paints with a few Winsor & Newton Cotmans thrown into the mix.  Affiliate links below:
Winsor & Newton Student Cotman 12 pans   

Winsor & Newton Professional 18 Watercolour Pans 
Speed painted Robin
The whole robin tutorial sped up with explanatory voice over.  The full real time 4+ hour video is available on Patreon – click here.
Watercolour glazing
Let me show you the basics on glazing using watercolours. This can be a very handy technique for your washes.
Time to relax
I very often relax a little before starting on a painting, give it a try and let me know if it works for you.
Behind the scenes
A behind the scenes sneak peak at how I film my videos.
Affiliate link below:
My Photo/Video Camera
Paint savers
These little plastic paint savers are ideal for saving your tubed paint!  They are relatively inexpensive, but they are really good for ensuring you use as much of the paint in the tube as you can.   (They are also good for toothpaste!)
Start your painting with a smile!
How do you feel when you are about to start painting?  What mood are you in?  Do you feel like picking up that brush?  It may not be serious but to me a smile works a treat and puts me right where I need to be for painting!
Speed painted otter
Would you like to learn how to paint an otter?  Let me show you in 15 minutes how I do this.
The full real time 4+ hour video is available on Patreon – click here.
Masking fluid tools
This video gives an insight into the  tools I personally use for applying masking fluid.  The list of suitable tools is endless, like me, you will have your own collection of tools that suit your style and requirements.
Using a split end brush
Now let’s not split hairs about this one, OK we have to split the hairs but with this video you will see the benefits.
The brushes I use
These are my most favourite brushes.  They are widely available from different stockists.
Affiliate links below:
Winsor & Newton 00 Brush
Winsor & Newton Size 5 Brush
The grid system
The grid system really works and all it takes is a little preparation. Keep all of your lines very light using a 2H lead and lightly graze the paper with the pencil.
Feel free to use the printable PDFs to create your own acetate grids. 
Adding colour over watercolour white
This painting technique can be tricky to achieve, often colours become muddied, this video explains how you can successfully add colour over your watercolour white.   It is far from a traditional way of using watercolour, but for realistic wildlife it really works.
High Resolution Reference Photos
Hobby Chaffinch Piggies
Promotional videos
Paint a Horse Paint a Bald Eagle
Paint  a Goldfinch Paint a Squirrel Paint a Raccoon Paint a Nuthatch
Paint a Puffin Paint a Labrador Paint a Kestrel Paint a Harvest Mouse
Paint a Butterfly Paint a Wren Paint an Otter Paint an Owl