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Robin in watercolour by Paul Hopkinson

This is the first ever video tutorial that I published online.  It certainly started the ball rolling in an amazing way and is still one of the most popular projects for people to start off with.  This delightful little robin is a great project for all levels of ability.  The robin is a very easily recognised British bird, its lovely red chest, friendly nature and beautiful song endearing it to all of us.

In part 3 I will show you how to add the white highlights to the belly to create form. This will now begin to give this delightful little bird shape and life!  We will add in the tail and also make a start on the legs and feet!

In this final part you will learn how to apply a delicate wash to the watercolour white.  We will also complete the fine details within the legs and feet.  Finally you will paint the wood on which this little robin is stood!

I would love to see your finished painting and share it within the student gallery.

And I would be very interested to know the difficulty rating you would give this project.

I do hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.  Until the next time, keep those brushes wet!  Paul

🎵 Music Credits

Kevin MacLeod – White
Kai Engel – Modum
Purple Planet Music – Tranquillity
Kevin MacLeod – Meditation Impromptu 03

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