Learn my Painting Style

Online tuition – there are many ways to learn my painting style online:
Below are a range of different learning platforms and online tuition opportunities.  Simply choose a style that suits you and click on the link to find out more.  
Within no time you will be learning how to paint realistic wildlife in watercolor.

Patreon is an online subscription based platform.  You pay monthly to continue to receive access to my content.   Each month I release new projects in video and PDF format.  This page will help you easily find everything on there!

My videos are also available to download and keep.  This would suit someone interested in just a single project, or someone not on Patreon.   Pay once on Vimeo and you are done!  

My PDF lessons are available for instant download from my shop.  You will receive step by step written tuition alongside lots of photos of the different stages.

Prefer a physical product or perhaps want to buy someone a gift? I have CDs featuring collections of my PDF tutorials and DVDs of some of my real time video tutorials.

A detailed critique of a piece of work may be all the guidance that you need. Simply email me a detailed scan of your work based on one of my tutorials. Other critiques may be possible, but please check before purchasing!

I am constantly building my You Tube channel, adding new content on a weekly basis. All this content is free to view and will hopefully give you an insight into my style and the techniques I use.

Sometimes you may just want to know exactly what materials someone else uses in order to create their paintings – if this is what you are after this is the page for you!