Patchings Festival – Online Tutorial – Painting a Kestrel


2 - 3 hours

Reference Photo

Drawing Guide

PDF Pack

These tutorials will be RECORDED LIVE as part of the Virtual Patchings Festival with Painters Online.

The tutorials will teach you how to paint realistic birds in watercolour.  I will go through the whole process of painting a study of a Kestrel.  I will start with the outline drawing and foundation washes.  Gradually you will see how I build the underlying layers to give the bird a realistic shape and form.  Once these all important base layers are on I will begin to work on the fine details which will really bring the bird to life.  On Day One I hope to paint the eye and beak as well as apply the first foundation wash to the rest of the bird.  Then on Day Two I will build the feather detail and finish off the study.

After the event if you would like to paint a Kestrel yourself you will find links to the reference photo and outline drawing above.  In addition, a PDF which includes a list of materials you will need.  This will be updated with a photo of my actual painting after the event.  

I hope you enjoy the live tutorials, however, if you miss them, don’t worry.  They will be available to watch afterwards at any time.  Do let me know how you get on, I would love to add your paintings to the student gallery at the bottom of the page.  

Finally, if you don’t want to miss anything I suggest you prepare plenty of drinks ☕ in advance!  I’ll be popping a 2-3 minute comfort break in the middle, but apart from that I won’t be stopping! 😉 Enjoy!

Paul 🙂 

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Click on the link above to set a reminder for Thursday 9th July from 15:00 UK time.    On the day the live tutorial will be streamed here.

Click on the link above to set a reminder for Friday 10th July from 15:00 UK time.   On the day the live tutorial will be streamed here.

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In the meantime feel free to browse my 👉 YouTube Channel as there are plenty more videos to be enjoyed there.  While there, don’t forget to click on subscribe and the little bell 🔔 icon. 

I do hope you enjoy these live tutorials, remember I would love to see your finished painting if you have a go yourself.  Feel free to share it online so that I can add it to the gallery and show other students what can be achieved too.  Until the next time, keep those brushes wet!  Paul

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Kevin MacLeod – Fluidscape

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