PDF Tutorials

Painting PDF Tutorial Downloads

For around £3 (depending on your country) you can buy a step by step watercolour tutorial on painting a bird or an animal.
This will give you a better understanding with the way Paul puts together his paintings.

Visit Paul’s shop on Etsy to download a tutorial that will give you a nice project to work from.

Otter Goldcrest Wren
otter20.10.13.MdCR goldcrest16thaug2014 wren30.03.14FaceBookCR
 House Sparrow Chaffinch  Robin 
stage8 chaffinch23.01.13CR robinsalesmd
  Marsh Tit   

NEW! Watercolour Lessons CD

photoofPDFCD 5 x PDF Tutorials & Video Clips!

  If you would like to see some of my techniques being demonstrated, you can find Paul on YouTube HERE.