Birman Cat


Giclee Print of my original watercolour painting.

Birmans are a long-haired cat distinguished by a silky coat, and striking blue eyes – the eyes were of course the feature that I really wanted to capture, the depth of colour and the life within them.  

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The Birman Cat is printed on A4 paper. (210mm x 297mm / 8.27 x 11.69″) 

Maybe you are a lover of cats or perhaps you know someone who is – this would make a lovely gift.

I personally oversee the printing process to ensure that all colours are a perfect match to the original.  The inks are of an exceptionally high quality and are lightfast (archival), providing you with many years of rich, true colour.  The paper is 100% cotton watercolour stock.

Your print arrives carefully packaged flat in a protective envelope all ready for you to mount and frame as you wish.

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