Grazing Horse


Giclée Print of a Grazing Horse

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Giclée Watercolor Horse Print with Fine Art Detail
I enjoy painting horses but usually focus on just their head.  The “Grazing Horse” made a lovely change.  Indeed, it enabled me to focus on the whole body.  I was able to capture not only the strength but the fitness of this magnificent animal.  Has it just run a race or is there one about to happen – we will never know.  For now it rests quietly and grazes in a lovely pasture

The print is from one of my original watercolour paintings.  

Giclée Watercolor Horse Print with Fine Art Detail

The print

I personally oversee the printing process.  Consequently I can ensure that all the colours are a perfect match to the original.  Furthermore the inks are of an exceptionally high quality and are lightfast (archival), providing you with many years of rich, true colour.  The paper is 100% cotton watercolour stock.

This Giclée watercolor horse print is A4 in size (210mm x 297mm, 8.27″ x 11.69″). This should display well in any standard sized frame with a mount.  Frames and mounts are for illustration purposes only and are not included.

The print will arrive ready for you to mount and frame as you wish.  I always use the Royal Mail for shipping my prints and will of course ensure that it is carefully packed for the journey!

How about learning to paint yourself?

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