Hare portrait


Hares are in the same family as rabbits, they generally have longer ears and do not live in groups.  However, they are herbivores and will often be seen around grassland and pastures the same as rabbits.  The hare is a speedy animal, reaching speeds up to 45mph, don’t think I’ll try and out run one!

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This is an A4 print (210mm x 297mm, 8.27″ x 11.69″)

I personally oversee the printing process to ensure that all colours are a perfect match to the original.  The inks are of an exceptionally high quality and are lightfast (archival), providing you with many years of rich, true colour.  The paper is 100% cotton watercolour stock.

Your print arrives carefully packaged flat in a protective envelope all ready for you to mount and frame as you wish.

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