How to Paint in Watercolour, 15 PDF Tutorials on 3 CD’s, Watercolour Painting Lessons, Watercolor Tips


  • 15 PDF Bird Tutorials & 15 Video Tips & Tricks Clips on 3 CD’s.
  • Learn to paint 2 x Barn Owls, Long Tailed Tit, 2 x Wrens, 2 x Otters, Kingfisher, 2 x Robins, Sparrow, Goldcrest, Marsh Tit, Painted Lady and a Harvest Mouse.
  • With 15 bonus short videos!


** Learn to Paint wildlife in watercolour **
with a bumper pack of 15 PDF Tutorials & 15 Video Clips (on 3 CD’s)

You will learn how to paint 2 different Barn Owls, a Long Tailed Tit, 2 different Wrens, 2 different Otters, a Kingfisher, 2 different Robins, a Sparrow, a Goldcrest, a Marsh Tit, Painted Lady Butterfly and a Harvest Mouse.

Each lesson is set out as you would find it in a magazine but with the added extra of more and also better reference photos of every stage.  I explain the techniques I use in a simple non complicated way.  You will learn how to blend wet in wet, how to use a dry brush and apply layering, you will move on to add the finer details and much, much more!  I’ve also included some tips ‘n’ tricks on how to get around some common mistakes.

There are also fifteen different video clips showing you a range of different techniques.  These include the use of masking fluid and masking fluid tools, how to apply a background and lift off paint, you will be guided on how to transfer a photo using the grid system, how to paint a bird’s eye, their feathers and even watch part of a wren painting in progress.  Finally I will offer advice on the paints which I use.  

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