Lesson 2 – Using Masking Fluid


How to use masking fluid video tuition.
This is one of the questions I have been asked many times, so let me show you and talk you through the process of using this handy medium.
You will be able to download two PDF documents one containing a link to the videos on a secure web page. Download for those times you are away from the internet or watch them online.


***How To Use Masking Fluid With Watercolour Painting!***
Harvest Mouse Watercolour Lesson Downloads. (3mins 54secs seconds video download)

This using masking fluid stage will show you how to use this tricky medium, mentioning tips and tricks and 
what to be aware of to ensure it is applied correctly.

***What you will get:***
You will get two PDF documents to download, one will be a check list for the materials needed for the whole DVD lesson. The other PDF will contain a link to the web page for this one lesson you have selected. This can also be downloaded to your computer from the web page for you to play without the need for an internet connection, so ideal if you are away from home with your laptop or tablet.
I have decided to split my Harvest Mouse watercolour DVD (see the links below) into individual, affordable, downloadable lessons! So for those who only need to learn how to paint for example fur, an eye, a background wash, detailed feet and so on, this is an inexpensive way of learning at your own leisure.