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Original Dormouse Watercolour Painting ~ Realistic & Cute!
Dormice have beautiful golden coloured fur, very large eyes and long furry tails.  Unfortunately with the loss of ancient woodlands Dormice numbers are thought to have declined by a third since 2000.  Sadly once their habitat is destroyed they do not disperse to new areas across open land.  Consequently, their populations simply die out or lose their genetic diversity.  The south of England tends to be one of the areas where they can still be found, with small populations scattered elsewhere in the UK.

Painting Dimensions

Painting size    13cm     x 10cm     or     5.1”     x 3.9”
Paper size         31cm     x 23cm     or     12.2”   x 9.1”

Original Dormouse Watercolour Painting ~ Realistic & Cute!

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Packaging & Materials

I have used an excellent quality watercolour paper and the finest of brushes to produce the tiny details which bring this painting to life.  Frames and mounts are for illustration purposes only and will not be included.

To ensure that your original arrives with you in the same condition that it left me I will package the painting carefully.  I use the Royal Mail’s ‘Signed for Next Day’ or ‘International Tracked’ service.

A bit about me!

I love to capture the life within my paintings and I enjoy working with the watercolour medium to create fine detail.  I am continually adding to my portfolio and draw inspiration from amazing photographers and also the stunning North Devon environment.

Do you want to learn how to create your own original dormouse watercolour painting and also how to paint details?  Take a look at becoming a member of my online school.  I feel that I have found my niche and I absolutely love teaching others.  Firstly, I find it extremely rewarding to be able to see the progress my students make.  Secondly I enjoy being able to interact directly with fellow wildlife artists.  Thirdly and most importantly I am able to share my love of the watercolour medium.  So take a look on YouTube or become a member and you may see this painting being created or learn how to paint your own version.