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Watercolour Starry Sky Landscape, Original Silhouette Painting
This watercolour galaxy painting was a bit of fun.  Indeed, something different from the fine, realistic detail that I normally paint.  I worked on a set of three, one of which is available on YouTube as a tutorial.  So you can see exactly how I painted it from start to finish.  Each would make an ideal inexpensive gift for someone interested in the solar system, stars, galaxies and the night sky.  Maybe an astronomer or novice star gazer, a child or an adult?  I liked the finished effect, particularly with the double border – I hope you do too.

Please Note:  This painting has a slight tear in the paper surface as illustrated in the gallery of photographs.  It’s only really visible close up and doesn’t distract from the piece at all.

Painting Dimensions

Painting size          15.7 cm     x 24.1 cm     or     6.2”   x 9.5”
Paper size              18.5 cm     x 26.8 cm     or     7.3”   x 10.6”

The frames and mounts are for illustration purposes only and are not included.  This listing is for the painting shown below.

Watercolour Starry Sky Landscape, Original Silhouette Painting

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Packaging & Materials
To ensure that your original arrives with you in the same condition that it left me I will package the painting carefully. I use the Royal Mail’s posting services and will ship first class mail in the UK.  Standard air mail will be used for any paintings going overseas.

Why not have a go yourself?
Would you like to create your own watercolour starry sky landscape?  Here’s a look at how I created this painting, why not have a go?

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