Tutorials – Disc 3


Disc 3
Barn Owl
Long Tailed Tit

+ 5 bonus videos


Step by Step Wildlife in Watercolour, PDF Tutorial CD
Disc Number 3 features a Barn Owl, Long Tailed Tit, Wren, Otter & Kingfisher.

You will also get 5 bonus Tips & Tricks videos.  These include free hand drawing and stretching watercolour paper.  In addition, I will share some suggestions on split bristle brushes.  Finally, I have included videos on softening edges and the use of watercolour white.

You will find that the PDF lessons are all explained in a simple non-complicated, non-jargon way.   You will not only learn step by step wildlife in watercolour.  But also by the end you will have practised applying mottled backgrounds and using masking fluid.  You will also have worked on your attention to detail and the use of a fine brush.  In addition, I will show you how to create highlights which bring your painting to life.   All this alongside a wide variety of extra watercolour tips and tricks.

All the animals and birds are painted realistically, with great attention to detail.  The fine art approach results in a realistic painting of all the animals and birds featured.

Each lesson is set out in the same way as the tutorials I write for magazines.  However, you get lots more large photos of the different stages.  I will guide you step by step through every project.  You will find lots of written instructions and masses of close up photos to help you throughout.  Indeed, we start from the background washes and end with the finishing touches.

Step by Step Wildlife in Watercolor, PDF Tutorial CD

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Work at your own speed

PDF lessons enable you to work at your own speed.  Firstly you can dip in and out of the content.  Secondly you can spend time studying the fine details and practise the various techniques as often as you like.

I really like to focus on the watercolour techniques needed to create a realistic painting.  Likewise, I love sharing this style of painting through my tutorials and hope I inspire others to create detailed wildlife portraits too.

Would you like a step by step wildlife in watercolour tutorial with video and audio guidance too?  Then please consider signing up as a member and try a video lesson instead.  You will get lots of complete projects, access to the back catalogue and even 25% off all PDF purchases. 🙂