Mute Swans


The Mute Swan is one of our most familiar water birds.  With a wing span of up to 2.2m it is also one of our largest.  The painting depicts both the female (pen) and male (cob).  They will usually remain faithful to one another for life and share in the duties of raising their young.  When the young hatch they are covered in brown down and have short necks….not a bit like their elegant parents!

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An original watercolour painting of a pair of Mute Swans

Painting size     28.5cm     x 19.8cm     or     11.2”   x 7.8”
Paper size         31cm         x 23cm         or     12.2”   x 9.1”

The Swans have been painted on an excellent quality watercolour paper using the finest of brushes for the tiny detail produced.

To ensure the painting arrives safely it will be wrapped in cellophane and carefully packaged flat using thick board.  It will be posted ‘Signed for Next Day’ or ‘International Tracked’.

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