Our Great Tit Family – Part 5

Those of you who are following the ups and downs of the little Great Tit family from our gate post bird box will hopefully be looking forward to today’s final instalment! Our little chicks are no longer quite so little, and actually the last few days Mum has not roosted/brooded in the box with them during the night. As we have not had a camera inside a successful tit nest before, we don’t know if this is normal behaviour or not. Do leave us a comment if you’ve seen this happen too.
Whilst Mum might not be brooding the chicks as much, both parents remain as diligent as ever with their feeding regime. However, the following footage was quite unbelievable. We were in hysterics watching it fold – not sure the caterpillar was quite so happy with the situation though….

We are pretty certain that it was dad who brought the caterpillar in. The male of the species has a wider black chest stripe and we have noticed that his head is less sleek than the female’s. However, it is the mother that ends up with the caterpillar and dad gives up, goes out and leaves her to it!
The following feed was a bit more straightforward.

We have so enjoyed watching the progress of our Great Tits this year, we had 16 days of watching whilst the eggs were laid and then brooded, followed by 21 days from hatching to fully grown fledglings.
Should you have missed their story so far, here are the links to Part 1Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.
Modern technology definitely gives you an insight into the natural world that was never really possible before and we would wholeheartedly recommend getting a nest box camera if you are able. Our cameras give us hours and hours of pleasure and have taught us a huge amount along the way. But, all good things must come to an end, and 3 weeks after hatching the inevitable happened.

Thank you so much to everyone who has joined us in watching this story unfold, it has been a real pleasure to share it with you all and thank you for all your comments. Maybe next week we will get back to a painting related blog instead!!
Until then, it’s Goodbye from me and it’s Goodbye from our little Great Tits too. Kind regards to you all, Paul. 🤓