Our Great Tit family

A couple of years ago I made a lot of bird boxes for our local woods and a few neighbours showed interest in purchasing some of them. So to advertise the boxes I placed one on our gate post…..one year later…… well you can obviously guess what happened next!

Clearly the pair of great tits had stumbled upon an old tennis ball as this seems to have formed part of the nest lining. 🎾 We were a bit caught out by the nest and as these birds can be very sensitive to disturbance we didn’t try and install a camera to watch their progress. We do know they successfully raised 3 chicks which was really great. But, wind forward one year and this time we have been able to install a camera. However, this story is not without it’s own saga…..

As you know, Jo and myself are nest recorders for the BTO, so we had checked the above box on the weekend and it was completely empty. On Thursday we were returning from a local birding walk when we noticed someone delivering leaflets to our neighbours. We thought nothing of it, we went out for lunch (special treat) and it wasn’t until we got home that we realised that we had not had a leaflet………now does the above box look like a letterbox to you?!! Clearly someone thought it was, it had been opened and a leaflet placed inside. 😟 We were horrified to see a part built nest underneath the leaflet and thinking it may be the great tits again we were really worried that they may have been put off the box altogether. As we were going away for a few days, I decided to screw the lid shut and put a sign on the box “This is a bird box NOT a letterbox!” – you can still see it there!

On our return home a few days later we were mighty relieved to find a fully finished and lined nest and as the pair were away from home themselves I took the opportunity of popping a camera inside so we could follow their progress and hopefully share it online too. Unlike our tennis ball lined nest from a year ago, this one is completely furnished out in white sheep wool – masses and masses of it. No idea where this has all come from as the sheep in our back field are a Zwartbles and a dark chocolate brown colour! It does look incredibly cosy though. 😆

Anyway, the blog has rambled on long enough for today, so like all good story tellers, I’ll of course carry on this one next week……do watch this space. 😉
In the meantime, do leave me a comment, I would love to hear whether you have birds nesting near your home.
Until next time keep enjoying the birds and wildlife around you and I’ll catch up with you all very soon. Paul