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merlincr Paul is a brilliant artist who loves his work and it shows. He did a superb job on our commission of Merlin a border collie. With great communications and updates through the process of painting I can highly recommend Paul with total confidence.


Dad absolutely was stunned by the painting of star he absolutely loved t he was nearly in tears!


My husband although a person of few words when it come to emotions is obviously thrilled, as any dog owner or lover who visits the house is guided towards the painting for their opinion.
Every time I walk past the painting I just love the look within his eye which you have so expertly captured. Thank you for such an excellent image the painting has been a great success and I wish you all the very best for your future artwork.


Paul….   just to let you know that my son and his wife were absolutely delighted with your painting of Pickles and thought the likeness was perfect.

Fernando in watercolour

 He has just opened the painting and it took him a second or two to realise it was actually a painting. He thinks it is ‘amazing’ and is now contemplating where it should go.


Thank you so much for the amazing paintings! They are truly wonderful my husband is also extremely pleased!


Just a quick note to say how absolutely thrilled I am with the weasel!!! You have captured the texture of the fur so luxuriantly I can almost see it ripple in the sunshine! The log looks fantastic – so realistic! and the grass really directs the eye back to the weasel!!!
I LOVE IT!!!! You are an incredibly talented artist!!!!

Ryan, Sparky & Ted in Watercolour

 Thank you so much for the painting, I am absolutely delighted with it, you really have captured the personalities of the three boys and I am really looking forward to having it framed and put up in the house.  

Wren Family  in watercolour

It’s absolutely beautiful and is off with the framers as we speak!
Incredibly happy- I’ve shown it  to my mother and she now wants one for her anniversary present…. I’ll be in touch shortly!!

Ralph in watercolour

 His owners were absolutely delighted. What cannot be described is the look on their faces when they first saw it. They said it was a wonderful painting and that you are amazingly talented.

Samuel in watercolour

Paul – you are selling yourself short – the scan does not do justice to your talent and the finished image. Maybe it is the web resolution: the FB one seems sharper. One does not see the fine detail that was breathtaking as soon as we saw the painting.
NutMegPaintersOnline Just received the picture of Nutmeg and I am absolutely delighted. It is beautiful. Really something special. Many many thanks, I love it!

Tilly in watercolour

 Omg its brilliant he going to love it!