Which Style of Watercolour?

Learning to use watercolours to paint a horse

Starting with watercolour can sometimes be a little confusing.  I certainly found it this way when I started all those years ago.  OK around 40 or so years to date….but don’t tell anybody!  So let me give you a head start so you can avoid some of that confusion.  In this blog I will talk about which style of watercolour to choose.  In future blogs we will look at which paints, brushes and paper to buy.

which style of watercolour to choose, some people prefer an impressionistic style
Which style of watercolour to choose, I prefer realism. This is one of my watercolour paintings of a blue tit with a caterpillar

The thing with watercolour is that there are so many different methods out there that people use.  Some people prefer a very loose, fresh and expressive way of painting.  Others prefer a tight, detailed and realistic method.  Some use black and white paint some don’t.  So which do you choose, which is right?  The answer is simply that both are right, you can paint any way you like.  Painting is all about the process, you paint because you enjoy it.  Hopefully you also like and are proud of the pieces that you create.  So the choice is entirely yours and the only way you are going to find out which you prefer is to simply have a play!

The right way is your way

I firmly believe there is NO set way to paint using watercolours.  The right way is ‘your way’, so the method you end up feeling most comfortable using.

Learning to use watercolour to produce paintings of tigers

You will, with time, adopt your own style that defines ‘you’ as the individual.  Just be patient, there is no hurry to decide which style of watercolour to choose.  Above all it is more important to enjoy the learning process.  My method is just the way that I personally paint.  It is also the method and style that I teach, but I will never say it’s the right way. 😉  What style do you prefer and why?
Next week we will move on to the plethora of materials out there…..see you then.
However you choose to paint, remember, keep those brushes wet!  Paul. 🤓

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