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I first started teaching my realistic watercolour style online in 2017 and set up a channel on Patreon where I could host the projects.  Whilst this has worked extremely well the platform is notoriously difficult to navigate.  I therefore host the videos here on my personal website too, and joining as an Exclusive Member will enable you to watch them here instead.

For anyone trying to find content on Patreon I hope this page will help.

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Painted Bunting

The male Painted Bunting is literally all the colours of a rainbow, he almost looks unreal.  The French name for the bird is ‘nonpareil’ – this literally means ‘without equal’, and it’s clear to see why this name was adopted.

The sheer volume of colour mixes makes this a complex project and I have classed it as an advanced class as a result.  However, there is nothing to stop someone with less experience having a go at small aspects of the project or gradually working through the whole project over a period of days.

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Painted Bunting
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