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Hopefully you will find the answer to your query below but if not do feel free to send me an email and I will do my best to provide you with an answer.

Paid membership accounts have complete access to all the tutorials on the site.  These include all those in the back catalogue and any new tutorials added during that membership.  All the tutorials are available 24/7 watch them whenever and how often you like.

Yes you can and we would recommend that you do.  The free membership tier gives you access to free full length tutorials.  These will give you an insight into how I paint and whether you like my style of teaching.  These tutorials are laid out in exactly the same way as all the other tutorials so that you can get used to the site before committing. 

My tutorials are suitable for all levels of ability.  Each individual tutorial is marked as suitable for beginners, intermediate or advanced level.  This is really just a basic guide.  I have known complete beginners tackle the advanced projects and achieve fabulous results. Likewise those with a bit more experience who love the beginner pieces.  If you like the look of a painting just simply give it a go! 

To get started you will need some watercolour brushes, I recommend a size 00, 1, 5 & 18 alongside a mop brush and a mixing brush.  Obviously watercolour paper and some paints.   Whilst I have my favourites and tend to use these all the time, I am a great believer in using what you already have.  You may already have a kit full of paints that you like – use these!  Learn which colours you need to mix to achieve similar results and go from there.  In time you may want to add to your kit but there is no need to do this straight away.  I tend to say buy the best that you can afford as this will give you more consistent and vibrant results.  Each tutorial does of course come with a material list and a list of recommended colours for the project.

You certainly do not!  Whilst free hand drawing is obviously a really good skill to have and practise, there are various ways of preparing an outline drawing for a painting.  I go through these in my tutorials.  My personal opinion is do what works for you, the time you have and your personal skills and abilities.  Each tutorial comes with a reference photo and prepared outline drawing which you can simply transfer to your watercolour paper to get started.

You can take a look at the tutorial dashboard which members use to find their next lesson.  You will see thumbnails of all the projects here, each one is set out in the same way as the free tutorials.  In addition, we have a whole library of short tips, tricks and technique videos too.

New tutorials are added every month.  I add at least one full length tutorial which will be between 2 and 5 hours long.  Alongside this will be a couple of shorter tutorials – anything from 30 minutes up to 2 hours.  The main project is usually wildlife based whereas the shorter projects vary.  You will find specific studies, small fun projects and also smaller wildlife pieces.  In addition I am building a library of complementary, often botanical pieces which I hope you can add in to your wildlife paintings.

This is not a facility that we currently offer.  All the tutorials are available 24/7 throughout the length of your membership period.  You can pause, rewind and watch them as many times as you like.  Alternatively I do have a small selection of my older videos available for individual paid download on Vimeo and an even smaller selection for sale as DVDs.

A mini PDF contains a list of recommended materials, the reference photo for the project, my outline drawing guide and a copy of my version of the painting.  For every tutorial there is a mini PDF for you to download and refer to.  In addition I also provide the reference photo and outline drawing as jpeg downloads.  All the links for these downloads are included on the individual tutorial pages.

I release one full length PDF guide every month, these are available to all students with an active paid membership plan.  If you remain a member for 1 month you will receive 1 PDF, if you remain for a whole year you will receive 12 PDFs.  

Previously released PDFs are available from here, an active membership will entitle you to 25% off the list price.

Sadly not, some PDFs were written before I started filming tutorials and some were written for magazines.  You can see what videos are available by visiting the tutorial dashboard.

I have created these tutorials for students to have a go at.  At the end of the lesson I hope you have a painting that you are proud of.  I would be thrilled if you would put it in a frame, display it on your wall, give it to a friend or put it in a local exhibition.

Should you wish to sell the painting it is polite amongst the art community to acknowledge the original artist.  My tutorials are educational and you created the piece as a student.  Should you then go on to sell the painting you have then become a professional artist.  Your copy of my work should be acknowledged as such to your buyers.  An addition under your signature “after Paul Hopkinson” or “Inspired by Paul Hopkinson” are a simple way of demonstrating respect and honesty within the art world.

Both my paid membership plans can be cancelled at any time.  Log into your account membership details to make these changes before a renewal payment is due to be taken.   (Partial plan refunds are not available)

I first started teaching online in 2017 and set up a channel on Patreon where I could host the projects.  Whilst this has worked extremely well the platform is notoriously difficult to navigate. 

I therefore decided to host the videos on my personal website too.  This now gives you various options for joining as a member. 

The videos are the same in both places so the choice is yours.  Indeed, joining at a $16+ level on Patreon grants you access to my personal website too. 

The attached PDF explains all the levels in a bit more detail so you can make an informed choice.

First of all I apologise.  I try to respond to all emails within 24 hours so please check your spam folder as sometimes my messages end up there. 😢

Alternatively please contact me via social media – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or Pinterest.

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