A Realistic owl in watercolour -how to paint one!

Learn to paint a realistic owl in watercolour in easy to follow stages.  This blog is a bit different to the norm, something I thought I would try out.  In other words I’m winging it!! Tawny Owls are beautiful birds, and whilst essentially a brown bird I can assure you that in this painting you […]

Dormouse Survey

Image by saguari from Pixabay Yesterday we were really lucky to be invited along to watch a group of trained and licensed volunteers undertaking a Hazel Dormouse survey in some woodland on Exmoor. This all came about because I fancy painting a Dormouse and for a while now we have been on the look out […]

How to paint a Robin

A little start to finish on how I painted this robin.  To begin with I needed a photo to work from, and this was a few years back when I had time to sit with my camera in bird hides and take some of my own reference photos!  We were at one of the Devon […]

Using watercolour to paint detail

The traditional way of using watercolour is to apply it wet in wet in a very loose style, the wet paper allows the colours to merge, blend and sometimes, if your paper is really wet, even flow around the surface.  Artists will sometimes flick paint onto their paper and let the colours move and drip […]

Stretching Watercolour Paper

Stre e e e e e e e e e e e etch There are so many ways I’ve seen people stretch paper, from simply wetting the back of a sheet and gum taping it down to a board, soaking the paper in the tub for a few minutes and attaching it to a specially […]