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Photograph of a swift

Fitting Swift Boxes to our House

For a couple of years now Jo and myself have been thinking about making and fitting swift boxes to our house. We have breeding swifts in our village and felt that boxes may be successful. Unfortunately…

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Barn owl in watercolour by Paul Hopkinson

Putting up a Barn Owl Box

I have always loved painting barn owls, they are stunning birds with such beautiful colouration in their feathers – particularly on their wings. These ramblings are about making and putting up a barn owl box…

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Painting Equipment - my work area

How do I get Started with Watercolours?

Are you new to painting and don’t know where to start? Perhaps you want to try a new medium? Or maybe you are interested in learning a new style? Should you have answered yes to any of these questions…

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A purpose built bird hide at Slimbridge

How to Photograph Wildlife Close Up

I’ve always really wanted to take my own photographs of wildlife to use for reference photos for my paintings. But how to photograph wildlife close up on a budget, that was the question? Unfortunately…

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Watercolour Tube or Pan Paints which is the best to use

Watercolour Tube or Pan Paints?

Watercolour tube or pan paints which is the best to use? As many of you know I use mostly half pan blocks of paint. These are almost always Winsor & Newton and both student and professional…

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Watercolour painting of a Marsh Tit

Marsh and Willow Tit Conservation

Six years ago I took a picture of a Marsh Tit at Tamar Lakes which I later painted. I had no idea that in 2019 I would be involved in a Marsh and Willow Tit conservation project. Or what that the subsequent…

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Paul installing bird boxes in a local woodland where we undertake bird nest recording for the BTO

Bird Nest Recording in a Local Wood

As a bit of background, Jo and I are registered nest recorders with the British Trust for Ornithology. For two years now we have undertaken bird nest recording for the BTO. This has involved us in monitoring…

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Snow in our garden

All About Snow and Kingfishers

We’ve had a week focused on the weather. Unfortunately North Devon is not really set up for dealing with snow. Consequently things do tend to grind to a halt! My work fortunately enables me to stay at…

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Watercolour Painting Live Online, YouTube & Facebook

Watercolour Painting Going Live!

For so long I have wanted to demonstrate my watercolour painting live online. Unfortunately I live in rural North Devon and we have struggled for many years with a very slow broadband speed. We…

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Budget Watercolour Brush Holder made by The Devon Artist, Paul Hopkinson

My Budget Brush Holder!

My budget watercolour brush holder is very different to the traditional method of storing your brushes. Usually whilst painting you put them upside down with the bristles up in a holder. Indeed, you even find…

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The life of a watercolor wildlife artist, new tutorials & projects this week and clearing out our bird boxes.

A very busy Week for a Wildlife Artist!

Having never written a blog before, I am still finding my feet with the sorts of things to write about on here 😉 Do let me know if there is anything you would like me to chat about – I’m happy to learn! In the…

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Kingfisher in watercolour by Paul Hopkinson, sign up to my blog
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Stay at home and learn how to paint wildlife in watercolour with Paul Hopkinson

We are all in this together and I wanted to do my little bit to help everyone faced with staying at home during these difficult times. Painting is incredibly relaxing and really does help to take your mind off things. It is great for filling hours and hours without you even knowing it. Whilst the restrictions are in place I am offering 50% off my entire range of PDF tutorials. I hope this will help in some small way and enable you to stay in touch with the outside world. What better way than letting that world into your house and painting wildlife, birds, animals and insects guaranteed to definitely lift your spirits.  Take care everyone and stay safe. #stayathome

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