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Watercolour Painting Live Online, YouTube & Facebook

Watercolour Painting Going Live!

For so long I have wanted to demonstrate my watercolour painting live online. Unfortunately I live in rural North Devon and we have struggled for many years with a very slow broadband speed. We…

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Budget Watercolour Brush Holder made by The Devon Artist, Paul Hopkinson

My Budget Brush Holder!

My budget watercolour brush holder is very different to the traditional method of storing your brushes. Usually whilst painting you put them upside down with the bristles up in a holder. Indeed, you even find…

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The life of a watercolor wildlife artist, new tutorials & projects this week and clearing out our bird boxes.

A very busy Week for a Wildlife Artist!

Having never written a blog before, I am still finding my feet with the sorts of things to write about on here 😉 Do let me know if there is anything you would like me to chat about – I’m happy to learn! In the…

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Watercolour Wildlife Blog by Paul Hopkinson, The Devon Artist

Watercolour Wildlife Blog

A very warm welcome to my watercolour wildlife blog. I hope to post here about all things watercolour and wildlife related. Do let me know if there is anything you would particularly like me to cover here…

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Kingfisher in watercolour by Paul Hopkinson, sign up to my blog
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