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Understanding watercolour painting jargon, photo of some watercolours

Understanding Watercolour Painting Jargon

We know that watercolour is a very popular medium. It is a simple concept to paint with coloured water. But it is also a medium which allows you to create intense colours and amazing transparencies. It can even…

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Different types of watercolour paper

Different Types of Watercolour Paper

There are so many different types of watercolour paper. In turn they vary in thickness, size, quality and texture. Each one will have its own unique properties. In addition each will react individually to the application of paint…

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The sorts of brushes I use for painting a detailed wren in watercolour

Which Watercolour Brushes and Paints?

There is a wide range of choice out there and it is really difficult to know which watercolour brushes and paints to choose. In my personal experience a box of 12 – 18 half pans will be enough to…

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Learning to use watercolours to paint a horse

Which Style of Watercolour to Choose?

Starting with watercolour can sometimes be a little confusing. I certainly found it this way when I started all those years ago. OK around 40 or so years to date….but don’t tell anybody! So let me give you a head…

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The Great Tit chicks have fledged, here is a painting of a juvenile Great Tit in watercolour

Our Great Tit Family – Part 5

Are you following the ups and downs of the little family from our gate post bird box? Hopefully if you are you will want to know if the Great Tit chicks have fledged! Our little chicks are no longer quite…

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Great Tit chicks nearly ready to fledge,. this is a watercolour painting of an adult Great Tit and spindleberries

Our Great Tit Family – Part 4

Things are moving on with our little family. Should you have missed their story so far, here are the links to Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. We think the Great Tit chicks are now nearly ready to fledge.
It can take…

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Watercolour painting of a Great Tit by Paul Hopkinson

Our Great Tit Family – Part 3

Are you following the lives of the Great Tit family in the bird box on our gate post? Here is the next instalment in their little lives. Without a doubt the Great Tit chicks are getting bigger. Indeed it is amazing the changes…

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Watercolour painting of a Great Tit garden bird

Our Great Tit Family – Part 2

I am hoping that you enjoyed the first part of our Great Tit family’s saga. Should you have missed it, check the previous blog post out here. We have of course spent this week watching our garden nest box. So I thought I…

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Watercolour painting of a Great Tit by Paul Hopkinson

Our Great Tit Family – Part 1

A few years ago I was making a few bird boxes and selling them to neighbours. I therefore put up a box on our gate post to advertise the fact. We were much amused to see that a Great Tit took up residence…

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Mixing watercolours blog post

Learn About Mixing Watercolour Paints

Mixing colours for a watercolour painting can be tricky. Indeed for those new to the medium it can even be a bit daunting. There are a few things you can do to make your life easier. At the same time…

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BTO Nest Record Scheme Volunteer Work - Blackbird eggs

Nest Recording for the BTO

You may already be aware of the volunteer work that Jo and myself undertake for the BTO Nest Record Scheme. Jo is a registered nest recorder and each year we try to find and monitor nests within our local area. With…

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Wren in watercolor by Paul Hopkinson, The Devon Artist

Work in Progress – Jenny Wren Painting

Once again we’ve started our volunteer nest recording work for the BTO. One bird we notice while we are out looking for and monitoring nests, is the wren. However, we’ve yet to find a lined nest this year so…

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Kingfisher in watercolour by Paul Hopkinson, sign up to my blog
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Stay at home and learn how to paint wildlife in watercolour with Paul Hopkinson

We are all in this together and I wanted to do my little bit to help everyone faced with staying at home during these difficult times. Painting is incredibly relaxing and really does help to take your mind off things. It is great for filling hours and hours without you even knowing it. Whilst the restrictions are in place I am offering 50% off my entire range of PDF tutorials. I hope this will help in some small way and enable you to stay in touch with the outside world. What better way than letting that world into your house and painting wildlife, birds, animals and insects guaranteed to definitely lift your spirits.  Take care everyone and stay safe. #stayathome

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