Harvest Mouse – Micromys minutus

With the crops ripening around us the classic image of a harvest mouse balancing on an ear of wheat comes to mind.  At between 4 and 6g they have no difficulty sitting on the flimsiest of plants, but spotting them is a different matter altogether; they are very elusive and measuring just 5-7cm they are […]

Pied Flycatcher Painting – Part 2

So, to carry on from where we left off last week.  We are at the point where I had my reference material decided upon and I was just about to put brush or was that pencil to paper?!  Indeed, pencil was actually the first place that I started.  Bear in mind that this painting was […]

Pied Flycatcher Painting – Part 1

Back in 2013 we were very fortunate to be helping a licensed bird ringer monitor and maintain his bird boxes in a wood near Exmoor.  He was particularly hoping to encourage Pied Flycatchers to his boxes, aware that their numbers were in serious decline and hoping to boost the population as much as he was […]


The Eurasian Wren – Troglodytes troglodytes – it’s scientific name bearing reference to its tendency to disappear into crevices and cavities in search of food or a suitable roosting spot.  The Wren is a firm favourite with everyone.  Indeed I’ve lost count of how many I have painted over the years!  The Wren is not […]

A Caracal in watercolour

Painting a Big Cat in Watercolour Whilst preparing some Facebook posts I came across some work in progress (WIP) shots of when I was painting a big cat in watercolour.  This is a Caracal kitten also known as a Desert Lynx.  I actually completed it several years ago.  Since working on this painting I have […]