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A Very Busy Week for a Wildlife Artist!

Nest recorders clearing bird boxes at the end of the season

Having never written a blog before, I am still finding my feet with the sorts of things to write about on here 😉  Do let me know if there is anything you would like me to chat about – I’m happy to learn! In the interim, here is a typical week in the life of a watercolor wildlife artist!

This week saw us finally emptying the 50 bird boxes we have in a local wood. Indeed it has been a job we’ve been trying to get to for weeks months!  Boxes really need emptying before the end of January as birds start prospecting for accommodation early in the year.  The most interesting box was one that we knew a bumble bee had been in, we couldn’t even open it!!  The nest had completely filled the box and was welded to everything.  It was no longer being used so we could fortunately remove it.  Click here for some more information on bumble bee nests.

Paul Hopkinson working in his artist's studio

My main painting project this week has been filming the next video tutorial. People have been asking for painted backgrounds. In addition, I also wanted to do something really cute that would hopefully capture people’s interest. All will be ‘properly’ revealed later this month. 😉

Redesign of my PDF Tutorials

Over the past few weeks, my partner Jo has been working hard on redesigning my downloadable PDFs.  Don’t worry, the content is still exactly the same, so I’ll still remind you to get a cup of coffee or take a break. However, they now look a bit more snazzy, and they all have the same format.  Hopefully you will like the new design and find it easy to follow and work with. 

For those new to following me, my PDFs are available here.  In addition, they are part of an online school subscription where they go alongside an accompanying real time video tutorial. 

New projects

My most popular post on my Facebook page this week was Toffee, an Alpaca which I had the pleasure of painting as a surprise commission.  This was a large piece, roughly A3 in size, so took some doing with my little 00 brush!  Unfortunately the photo doesn’t really do it justice – suffice to say Jo wanted to keep it!  I really like working on larger projects. So, when someone asks for this size it forces me to put aside the time to do it!

Funny horse, original watercolour painting

To finish today’s blog and in case you missed it over on Facebook:

What do race horses eat? …………. Fast Food of course. 😁😁

On that note about food – this weekend we hope to get time for a walk and meal at The Old Farmhouse Kitchen. You should see the cakes there!! 🍨🍰🥧  See, the life of a watercolor wildlife artist can be pretty good.😉

So until next time, keep those brushes wet,


PS – Don’t forget to leave me a comment so I know you’ve been here. 😉

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