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Watercolour Painting Going Live!

Paul Hopkinson, online art tutor, painting live online
Live watercolour painting of a kingfisher

For so long I have wanted to demonstrate my watercolour painting live online. Unfortunately I live in rural North Devon and we have struggled for many years with a very slow broadband speed. We often struggle to play videos with lots of buffering and sometimes things stopping altogether. Wind back a couple of years and I tried to do Facebook live. But our upload speed was so poor that the quality was just rubbish. 😞 People got fed up with watching and I got fed up too. Indeed it was giving totally the wrong impression about the quality of my work!

In addition, since its launch in July 2017 I’ve had to plan well in advance to get my Patreon Channel videos online. This was because each section generally took me a good 3-5 hours to upload! So a month’s worth of content would take the best part of 24 hours….frustrating to say the least! But, enter the Huawei B593u wifi router our new best friend!

Improved internet with a Huawei router
Our new best friend!
Finally a decent speed internet connection

The Huawei utilises the mobile phone network and we now work off this router instead of our phone line. You can see we don’t get a brilliant signal – just one or two bars. Despite this, a whole month’s worth of Patreon videos was uploaded within an hour. 😁 If only we had known about this a couple of years ago!!
So with all this in mind, I thought I would see if I could go live online again –

and……yes I could! I was so pleased to be able to go live successfully. There was no buffering and the image uploaded beautifully. Viewers were able to see the detailed brush work involved in painting a section of the kingfisher’s head. The link on my blog is from YouTube. The video was downloaded from Facebook and uploaded to YouTube in a matter of minutes. Yes I’m still getting used to the speed and I still haven’t stopped doing speed tests or talking about it! It is just such a new experience to be able to do all these things without worrying about our internet dropping out completely! So what is next……

Original watercolour painting of a singing wren
I didn’t have a picture of me ‘going live’ so this little wren will have to do! And, just like this little wren I feel like singing!
So what is next?

Well, I definitely would like to do more live sessions, on Facebook and possibly YouTube. Most certainly I want to consider exclusive live painting sessions for my Patrons. So watch this space and look out for me popping up watercolour painting live online in your social media feeds a bit more frequently from now on. 😃
Feel free to leave me a comment below, maybe you have an idea for a live painting/tutorial or maybe you just want to say “Hi”.
Until next time, thanks for following my blog and don’t forget…keep those brushes wet. 😉

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