Stretching Watercolour Paper

Stre e e e e e e e e e e e etch There are so many ways I’ve seen people stretch paper, from simply wetting the back of a sheet and gum taping it down to a board, soaking the paper in the tub for a few minutes and attaching it to a specially […]

Watercolour Lightfastness Hue and Granulation

Watercolour Lightfastness Hue and Granulation For the second of my blog posts on understanding watercolour we will touch upon three more terms many manufacturers use for their paints.  Have you heard of watercolour lightfastness, hue and granulation?  I will try to explain in my non-jargon way what they are all about.  I hope you are […]

Understanding Watercolour

Understanding Watercolour Painting Jargon We know that watercolour is a very popular medium.  It is a simple concept to paint with coloured water.  But it is also a medium which allows you to create intense colours and amazing transparencies.  It can even enable you to give your paintings a sparkle of life and realism.  But […]

Different Types of Watercolour Paper

Different Types of Watercolour Paper There are so many different types of watercolour paper.  In turn they vary in thickness, size, quality and texture.   Each one will have its own unique properties.  In addition each will react individually to the application of paint and water on the surface.  There are many makes out there from […]

Which watercolour brushes and paints?

A back to basics look at paints and brushes, an ideal overview for anyone new to the wonderful medium of watercolour and an insight into my favourite paints and brushes.