Wildlife in Watercolour

The Devon Artist

Stretching Watercolour Paper

Gum tape for stretching watercolour paper

There are so many different ways of stretching watercolour paper. You can simply wet the back of a sheet and gum tape it down to a board. Alternatively soak the paper in a tub for…

Watercolour Lightfastness Hue and Granulation

Watercolour painting of a Bee-eater using handmade paints

For the second of my blog posts on understanding watercolour we will touch upon three more terms many manufacturers use for their paints. Have you heard of watercolour lightfastness, hue and granulation? I will try to…

Understanding Watercolour Painting Jargon

Watercolour pan paint properties

We know that watercolour is a very popular medium. It is a simple concept to paint with coloured water. But it is also a medium which allows you to create intense colours and amazing transparencies. It can even…

Different Types of Watercolour Paper

Different types of watercolor paper

There are so many different types of watercolour paper. In turn they vary in thickness, size, quality and texture. Each one will have its own unique properties. In addition each will react individually to the application of paint…

Which Watercolour Brushes and Paints?

There is a wide range of choice out there and it is really difficult to know which watercolour brushes and paints to choose. In my personal experience a box of 12 – 18 half pans will be enough to…

Learn About Mixing Watercolour Paints

Colour swatch of watercolour paints made easy

Mixing colours for a watercolour painting can be tricky. Indeed for those new to the medium it can even be a bit daunting. There are a few things you can do to make your life easier. At the same time…

How do I get Started with Watercolours?

Paul Hopkinson, studio painting area

Are you new to painting and don’t know where to start? Perhaps you want to try a new medium? Or maybe you are interested in learning a new style? Should you have answered yes to any of these questions…

Watercolour Tube or Pan Paints?

Tubes or pan watercolour paints, which is best to use?

Watercolour tube or pan paints which is the best to use? As many of you know I use mostly half pan blocks of paint. These are almost always Winsor & Newton and both student and professional…

My Budget Brush Holder!

My budget watercolour brush holder is very different to the traditional method of storing your brushes. Usually whilst painting you put them upside down with the bristles up in a holder. Indeed, you even find…

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