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Watercolour Osprey – the Painting Process

Original watercolor osprey painting by Paul Hopkinson

I recently came across a series of photos I had taken during the process of painting this osprey in watercolour. I thought it may be of interest so have made it the subject of today’s blog post.
The Osprey is actually a pretty rare bird in the UK, but

Paint-along with Paul

Paint-along with Paul, well this was certainly something new that I did this week. This live event has been something that I have been planning for sometime. I enjoy live painting sessions. Firstly they really get the adrenalin flowing. Secondly…

Beginner’s Guide to Drawing Birds

Beginner guide to drawing by Paul Hopkinson

What method do you use to get the outline drawing onto the watercolour paper? Ideally if we all had time I am sure we would all aspire to freehand draw. However, if you have never drawn before where do you start…?

Preparing to Paint a Montage of Garden Birds


Preparing to paint this montage of garden birds was quite a complex process. I therefore thought I would write it up for anyone else who may be considering a similar project.

A Tawny Owl in Watercolour

Paint a realistic owl in watercolour alongside Paul Hopkinson

Would you like to learn how to paint a realistic owl in watercolour in easy to follow stages? Tawny Owls are beautiful birds of British woodlands. Whilst essentially a brown bird I can assure you…

Surveying for Dormice

Hazel Dormouse Photo

Yesterday we were really lucky to be invited along to watch trained and licensed volunteers surveying for Dormice in an Exmoor wood.  This all came about because I fancy painting a Dormouse.  So for a while…

How to Paint a Detailed Robin

Robin photographed at Halsdon Nature Reserve

A little start to finish on how to paint a robin in detailed watercolour.  To begin with I needed a photo to work from.  This was a project from a few years back when I had time to take some of my own reference…

Using Watercolour to Paint Detail

Applying loose watercolour wash

Should you follow my work you will know I like using watercolour to paint realistic detail.  However, the traditional way of using watercolour is to apply it wet in wet in a very loose style.

Stretching Watercolour Paper

Gum tape for stretching watercolour paper

There are so many different ways of stretching watercolour paper. You can simply wet the back of a sheet and gum tape it down to a board. Alternatively soak the paper in a tub for…

Harvest Mouse – Micromys minutus

Watercolour harvest mouse painting

With the crops ripening around us the classic image of a Harvest Mouse – Micromys minutus, balancing on an ear of wheat comes to mind. At between 4 and 6g they have no difficulty sitting on the flimsiest…

Pied Flycatcher Painting – Part 2

Photographing pied flycatchers on Exmoor

So, to carry on from where we left off last week and now to how I painted a pair of Pied Flycatchers. We are at the point where I had my reference material decided upon. So I was just…

Pied Flycatcher Painting – Part 1

Female Pied Flycatcher photographed on Exmoor

Back in 2013 we were very fortunate to be helping a licensed bird ringer monitor and maintain his bird boxes in a wood near Exmoor. He was particularly hoping to encourage Pied Flycatchers to his boxes. Aware…

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